• Energy AuditsAre you a tenant or building owner? Are you looking for ways to save money and conserve energy? Commercial and Industrial Energy Audits are a great resource for saving money, reducing energy waste and making a statement about your company!
  • LightingYou've seen them all over the place, and we want to help you understand. From T8s to CFLs to LEDs, we are here to help you understand your lighting needs.
  • Environmental ResponsibilityCheck out our Mission and Values section to find out what we mean by Environmental Responsibility and to learn more about our corporate environment.
  • Our HistoryCheck out our history to learn about the beginnings of E-Max and learn about our involvement with anchor insulators and how that started the vision to create energy that lasts!
  • Going green!Check out our blog for resources to help you go green, reduce your carbon footprint and learn more about sustainable energy!
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