E-Max Energy Mission Statement:

E-Max is the recognized leader in improving and preserving facilities energy and maintenance efficiency. E-Max provides efficiency engineering, software systems, consultation, education, construction and national buying. Everything we do reflects excellence, respect for the individual, commitment to quality customer service and high Christian values. All actions we take ultimately tie back to these fundamental objectives.

E-Max Energy Goals:

  • Excellence in everything. Do everything to the glory of God.
  • Respect everyone. Grow the staff. Grow the client. Grow all strategic partners.
  • E-Max means being excellent and efficient. Efficiency requires simplicity and maintainability.
  • Always walk in the customers moccasins. Fill their needs, not ours.

E-Max Energy Values:

We function as a team using our individual strengths to support and enhance the work of other team members. In order to do this each person must apply the E-Max philosophy to their daily activities and relationships.

  • First and foremost, all that we do is based on Christian principles. We demonstrate fairness, truth and integrity in all of our words and deeds.
  • We provide everyone with clear, concise, achievable goals and encourage warm communication between staff, suppliers, and clients.
  • We provide excellent products with quality customer service, exceeding clients’ expectations while remaining focused on our mission.
  • We hire quality, loyal people. We encourage their education and promotion. We provide fair salaries, incentives, and bonuses.
  • We nurture long-term business relationships.
  • We wisely manage corporate finances. This includes sharing a portion of our profits through charitable contributions for those causes deserving our support.
  • We welcome innovation and adapt to change.