Company Background

E-Max, Inc. (now E-Max Energy LLC) was formed in 1969 by Andrew H. Susemichel, P.E.  to provide mechanical, electrical and  structural engineering services for all  types of industrial facilities.  E-Max remains a privately held company, located in Louisville Kentucky, serving companies across  the United States. In 1974, E-Max, Inc., in coordination with Martin Sweets Company and Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation,  designed an industrial process to manufacture  65,000 anchor  insulators for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

E-Max answered the challenge of changing technologies with the Energy Saving Industry in 2005  by investing in the development of Energy Saving Technologies which monitor, control and report through a gateway, enabling the  customer to conserve on energy and reduce  their overall costs. Since 2005, E-Max has been the leader in energy controls to the fast food industry.  The Energy $aver 100 has been well received as a reliable product with good payback in over 2,000  quick service restaurant installations in major cities throughout the United States

2015 will bring the introduction of the Model 200 – a real game changer.  This new  smart technology Model 200 product, is much smaller in control footprint, easier and less expensive to install, with more features and more information readily available in a web-based wireless energy  control solution.  We expect significant opportunities with our present client base to convert their stores from the Model 100 to Model 200, as well as tremendous growth potential in other fast food companies.

In 2014 E-Max, launched a new integrated energy and rebate analysis business for Kentucky’s largest utility. This program is designed to produce a large result across Kentucky with commercial companies that  will become more efficient with new LED lighting technology plus the latest in HVAC efficient systems. The end results will be more bottom line profit for the commercial customer with rebate money help from  the utility. The utility will benefit in less demand to spend money building new electrical generating facilities. E-Max continues to be the pioneer of advanced combined energy efficiency  technologies of energy analysis, utility rebate procurement, tax reduction and E-Max innovative wireless energy controls. E-Max continues to build on its success and is harnessing the incredible creativity of its team always committed to integrity of services to all we serve.

Products & Services

Energy Analysis, Utility Rebate Procurement & Tax Saving Recommendations

E-Max uses a system of computerized analysis that E-Max created in the 1980’s that toughly and thoroughly analyzes the best energy saving strategies for any facility. The result of the energy analysis is a detailed step by step program designed specially to meet the needs and goals of that specific facility.

Systems Procurement

E-Max has strategic partners in supplying energy efficient equipment and installing that equipment. We tailor our capabilities to your needs , whether that is analysis,  supplying energy efficient equipment or just providing recommended suppliers and contractors.

Turn Key Implementation

E-Max provides a turnkey result that the client can depend upon for being on time and in budget with a result that meets the client’s target requirements.

E-Max Energy Control and Monitoring Systems

E-Max developed an energy management system for the quick server restaurant industry that proved to be a reliable, easy to use control with savings that averaged over 17% of the total energy of a QSR and had an average payback of 1.72 years. In 2015, a revolutionary, new wireless version of E-Max Energy $aver will be available that is one fourth the size and half the cost of the 2005 E-Max Energy $aver product that has over twice the capability in control and monitoring of energy using equipment in a restaurant. Source In addition, the new Model 200 E-Max Energy $aver will offer quite attractive in savings and payback for a full “dine in” restaurant.