Total Energy Solutions that improve worker productivity, their environment and your bottom line.

The advantages of working with E-Max, Inc. Turnkey Energy Solutions


We leverage incentives (See note 1 & 2 below)

E -Max leverages every available tax and rebate incentive to help fund the capital investment.

E -Max will assist you with all paperwork necessary to claim every penny of available rebates for qualified energy conservation measures.

If the energy saving changes qualify for the 179D tax deduction, then E -Max will provide you with the official certifications to equip your accounting staff to apply for them.

In addition to these incentives, you might benefit from an asset management study: which our expert tax partners can provide in order to determine whether you might qualify for additional tax benefits using “Cost Segregation.”

We offer custom financing

By combining the available incentives along with custom financing, customers can often experience an immediate positive cash flow with no out of pocket expense. Low interest financing is available through several E -Max partners. Financing can be arranged by E -Max from $3,000 to $1 million projects.

We design with expertise

With over 40 year experience in Energy Engineering, E -Max has been involved in hundreds of building efficiency projects across the nation, from large to small. If you want to install just ten new light fixtures, or an entire Building Management System, you can trust E -Max to do it right implementing the very best solutions for your particular situation.

We reduce your energy costs and help out the environment

E -Max will design an environmentally responsible system that meets your energy and maintenance goals – to lower your costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

We will provide you with professional turnkey service from start to finish

We will follow your energy project from inception to completion. E -Max will be responsible for all aspects of construction and build out, along with all paperwork required for any incentives.

Give E-Max a phone call. E-Max will take care of any and all issues that may arise during implementation or after project completion. No chasing down errant contractors or unanswered phone calls.

E -Max will stand behind their projects; before, during and after.

E -Max is the recognized leader in improving and preserving facilities’ energy and maintenance efficiency. E -Max provides efficiency engineering, software systems, consultation, education, construction and national buying opportunities.

1) EPAct 179D is a one-time energy tax deduction that may offset your initial investment by an estimated 20%. On 12/19/2014 the president signed HR 5771, extending EPAct 179D. This is a one year extension allowing 2014 projects to qualify (placed in service between 1/1/2014-12/31/2014) This tax deduction may extend through 2015.

2. An asset management study is an IRS accepted tax strategy with the potential to secure monies to help fund the investment. In some cases this study can result in tax deduction exceeding 60% of the investment in the first year, allowing your first year return to exceed your initial investment.