Healthcare Facility Energy Efficiency

Total Energy Solutions that improve worker productivity, their environment and your bottom line.

The advantages of working with E-Max Energy turnkey energy solutions

E-Max Energy work with healthcare professionals began in 1980. We have partnered with local and regional hospitals to provide the best in energy efficiency products and services ranging from lighting to high efficiency boilers to steam generators.

Services Offered:

  • Chillers, Boilers and Pumps
  • Fans, Air Handlers and Cooling Towers
  • Energy and Comfort Controls
  • Free Cooling and Economizers
  • Indoor Air Quality Control
  • Lighting Systems
  • UV Emitters
  • Diagnose problems and provide guidance in resolution
  • Professional advising
  • Electrical Power Quality and Correction
  • Building Envelope
  • Environmental water and waste systems
  • Gas systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Air Filtration for airborne pathogens
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Repairs

Recent Projects:

  • Designed and installed Building Automation Comfort and
    Energy Control System
  • Install efficient Medical Vacuum System
  • Certify Medical Gas Outlets
  • Install UVC Emitters on air handling units
  • Install Isolation Room HEPA filter Exhausts and Monitors
  • Energy Audits at hospitals nationwide
  • Designed and built mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for fitness center
  • Designed and built Central Chiller and Boiler Plant
    Renovation to increase efficiency and assure adequate utilites
  • Designed and built Supplemental Cooling