How about comfort…

If your employees are uncomfortable, then they are distracted and performance suffers.  Likewise, if your heating and cooling equipment isn’t working up to par, or working “overtime”, it’s costing you money as well as creating comfort issues.

It might be time to replace that furnace or boiler – even though the upfront cost to do so is daunting.

It’s also probably time you looked into some kind of building control option.  It might be as simple as a programmable thermostat, or as complex as an entire building management system.

Whatever the right solution for you, E-Max can determine the most efficient equipment for your building type, get you excellent pricing through our national purchasing partners, offer custom financing, and install and commission it, all together through one contract.


Is an HVAC upgrade on the horizon?  Do you need a building control option?

  • Do employees argue over thermostat settings?
  • Are you heating and cooling your building during unoccupied hours?
  • Do employees complain about being too hot or too cold?
  • Have your utility bills noticeably increased during the coldest or warmest months?
  • Is your HVAC system, or any part of it ten years or older?
  • Have you had regular seasonal service performed, or do you just call someone if there’s a problem?
  • Can you benefit from a utility rebate?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, it might be time to look into optimizing your HVAC system and controls.