Let’s talk about lighting…

Lighting typically accounts for 20 – 50% of electricity consumption in commercial facilities here in North America.

Advancing technologies, such as LED lighting, allow us to significantly reduce these electricity costs, but not all products are created equal, nor do they always apply to every scenario.

Many claims are also made in regards to the health benefits of certain types of lighting, but again, there are also a lot of “snake oil salesmen” out there who just want to take your money and run.

In order to navigate the confusing landscape of ever changing lighting technology, you need someone you can trust, with the experience to design the right retrofit for you and your business.

E-Max will explore the proper product and application based on the characteristics of your business, and carefully explain and illustrate what we think would be your best solution- at the fairest cost and quickest return.


Is a lighting upgrade the right choice for you?

  • Do you have obsolete lighting technology? (Incandescent, HID, or T12 fluorescent)
  • Do you have high annual energy and maintenance costs?
  • Are there areas in your building where light is wasted, or are there dark spots?
  • Would you like to view your business as a good steward of the environment?
  • Can you benefit from a utility rebate?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, it might be time to upgrade.


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